Supply Chain Software Development Services

Upgrade Your Unique SCM Processes

Since 2012, Edvenswa provides companies in 30+ industries with consulting and practical assistance on the design and implementation of reliable supply chain management software.

Supply Chain software development aims to help companies drive improvements across their processes and innovate their business operations with the help of effective software and Supply Chain 4.0 techs: IoT, AI, big data, blockchain, AR and VR.

Benefits of Digital Supply Chain Management

Increased accuracy of demand forecasting

Improved visibility into an extended supply chain and efficiency of risk management activities

Enhanced reliability of inventory planning and reduced inventory carrying costs 

Higher resource utilization (labor, transportation, etc.) 

SCM Solutions Edvenswa Specializes In

We offer development services for the implementation of one or several integrated SCM solutions:

Supply Chain Planning & Optimization

Value: Improved and more cost-efficient fulfillment of customer demand, increased resource utilization, synchronization between different supply chain components.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Value: End-to-end supply chain visibility, proactive risk management, improved collaboration with suppliers. 

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Value: Decreased inventory carrying costs, increased order fulfillment speed and accuracy, optimized labor costs, minimized inventory loss and shortages. 

Logistics Management

Value: Improved vehicle utilization, decreased logistics operating costs, on-time delivery. 

Procurement Management

Value: Standardized and streamlined purchasing, improved spend visibility. 

Supplier Relationship Management

Value: Reduced supply chain compliance and regulatory risks, improved supplier engagement, optimized sourcing strategy. 

Order Management

Value: Increased order fill rate, reduced order fulfillment costs, reduced shipping and expediting costs, increased customer satisfaction rate.

Supply Chain Software Development Cost Factors