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Edvenswa offers services of React Native programmers, who create clean cross-platform code that runs on Android, iOS, and web, thus reducing up to 50% time and costs of projects targeting multiple platforms. 

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How Our React Native Talents Ensure Code Quality

Code rules and guidelines
  • Adherence to the React Native coding standards and practices.
  • Code split into short and focused units.
  • Descriptive names for all code variables.
  • In-code comments on what each function and method does.
  • Documented dependencies and general code functionality explanations.
  • Use of version control tools.
  • Ensured code portability. 
Unit testing
  • Unit tests are created before writing code and described in specifications.
  • Helps verify code behavior in response to the input of standard, boundary, and incorrect value.
  • Helps check all code assumptions.
  • Is rerun after each significant code change to ensure correct performance. 
Code review practices

Ad hoc review, email pass-around review, code walkthrough, code inspection. 

Code quality metrics

Maintainability index (MI), Cyclomatic Complexity (CC), Lines of Code.

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