Custom Project Management

With 16 years in software development, Edvenswa provides project management consulting and development services for custom project and portfolio management software. 

The Essence of Project Management Software

Custom project management (PM) software streamlines administrative decisions on projects and aligns collaboration between project managers, project team members, and other project stakeholders. PM software helps with:

Project planning.

Project team, budget, tasks, risks, and document management.

Project team collaboration.

Approval and prioritization of projects.

Project progress monitoring.

Reporting on project effectiveness and resource consumption.

For project-intensive businesses, custom PM software can have extended functionality and cover portfolio project management (PPM).

The Essence of Project Management Software

Based on Edvenswa's 16-year experience in software development, we can outline the core functionality of a custom project management system.

Project Management Software Features -

Project Planning
Project Monitoring
Human Resource Management
Financial Resource Management
Physical Resource Management
Time Management

For Project Manager –

For Project Team Members –

Risks Management
Project Collaboration
Gantt Charts

Extended Features for Portfolio Management -

Project Portfolio Monitoring
Program Management
Human Resource Management
Financial Resource Management
Project Portfolio Analytics & Reporting

The Essence of Project Management Software

Edvenswa recommends integrating custom project management software with relevant corporate systems to improve visibility into project-related data as well as streamline project staffing, budget planning, and resource consumption tracking.

Customer Project Management Software Integrations -

PM + Human Capital Management Software
PM + Payroll Software
PM + Asset Management Software

For users of a PM solution: 

For AMS users:

PM + BI Tools

For users of a PM solution:

Success Factors of PM Software

Based on Edvenswa's ample expertise in project management software implementation, we've defined a set of factors, which if covered, help maximize ROI of a custom project management system.

Strong PM Analytics

Ensure analytic capabilities of your PM solution or integrate it with third-party AI-powered BI tools to get: 

Ample Functionality for Project Team Members

To level up the effectiveness of all project team members, ensure your PM solution enables them to: 

PM Software Security Ensured

Pay special attention to PM software security to prevent the business data leakage. PM security should be provisioned during the entire software lifecycle: 

Cost Considerations for Custom Project Management Software

Key benefits PM solutions bring -

Enhanced project teams’ performance.

Optimized human resources management.

Fewer projects facing costs overrun.

Increased number of timely delivered projects.

Decreased organizational and project risks.

PM software cost factors -

To adequately estimate the investments into a custom project management solution, you have to take into account the following associated costs:

Support, Maintenance & Enhancement

Depending on the criticality of a PM system to your organization, you should decide on:

When Custom PM Software Is Your Best Choice

Edvenswa advises you to consider the development of a custom PM system, when you have:

Specific & Diverse Project Management Workflows

Even industry-specific PM products (e.g., PM solutions for IT, construction and engineering, professional services) often don’t cover all industry/business/department peculiarities of PM procedures and may still require complex and costly customizations. Custom PM software, helps streamline your organization’s project-related processes with complete precision.

A Significant Number of Expected Users

The monthly fee for a platform-based PM solution multiplied by a large number of users (e.g., 500+) stays unchanged during the entire period of the PM solution’s usage. With time, it can outweigh the initial investment into a custom PM software, making it a more cost-effective variant for organizations with an extensive base of PPM users. 

Complex Software Ecosystems to Integrate with PM Software

Though some vendors offer PM solutions that are easily integrated with their software suites (e.g., Microsoft Project, ServiceNow Project Management), integration with corporate software outside the suites may still require substantial investment and time. Opting for custom PM software, you get an integration architecture tailored to your company’s software ecosystem (including other custom and legacy solutions).