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about emagia
  • Emagia is a company specializing in consolidating Order-to-Cash information on a single platform and enhancing control over receivables management operations.
  • They have introduced Gia, a Digital Virtual Assistant designed to assist finance executives and staff in improving productivity and strategic value within their organizations.

The Challange

  • Consolidating Order-to-Cash information: Emagia faced the challenge of consolidating diverse data related to the Order-to-Cash process onto a single platform for streamlined management.
  • Enhancing productivity: The goal was to develop a Digital Virtual Assistant capable of assisting finance professionals in amplifying their productivity and adding strategic value to their organizations.
  • Building an AI-based Conversation Agent: Emagia needed to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Conversation Agent, Gia, capable of engaging in contextual conversations and retrieving business information.


What did
Edvenswa do

  • Technology Partnership: Edvenswa became a strategic technology partner, providing product roadmap and vision to Emagia.
  • Development of Gia: Edvenswa served as the development partner for building Gia, the AI-based Conversation Agent. They handled the platform architecture, design, and development to bring Gia to life.
  • Conversation Training: Edvenswa trained Gia to engage in contextual conversations by integrating data and analytics, enabling it to retrieve information from databases, bank statements, and reports.
  • Integration with External Systems: Edvenswa seamlessly integrated Gia with external systems and other conversation agents to ensure smooth data flow and maximize its capabilities.
  • Technology Stack: Edvenswa utilized Java, Spring MVC, Maven project, node.js, MySQL, Salesforce, UIPath, Alexa, and Google Dialogflow to develop and implement the Gia platform.


The Results

The technology that we use to support Emagia

Spring MVC

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