Digital Operations Consulting

Digital operations consulting will help you streamline production or service execution and reduce related costs. The services of Edvenswa cover technical design of operations management software and, if required, its implementation and continuous support. 

We Deliver Operations Management Software That Helps

Improve Decision Making

Reduce Reporting Latency

Reduce Inventory Costs

Improve Resource Utilization

Reduce Risks of Operations Bottlenecks

Raise Machinery Efficiency

Improve Workflow

What Makes Our Operations Management Solutions Stand Out

Data Analytics

For accurate production or service planning and operations optimization. Configurable dashboards for real-time visibility into operations data.

Digitalized Business Workflows

(e.g., production/service order approvals) and advanced techs for process automation (e.g., inventory tracking with barcode or RFID technology and machinery condition monitoring with IoT) to reduce labor costs and the risks of human errors.

Mature Data Security Methods

(authorized user access, user activity logs, data encryption) To protect sensitive operational data.

Edvenswa Recommends: Top Operations Management Features to Consider

We cover the implementation of all core functionality modules of operations management software.

For Production Operations Management

Operations Optimization

With AI recommendations drawn from historical operations data and what-if scenario modeling (to balance production load across plants, compare different versions of a production schedule, etc.). 

Inventory & Warehouse Management

For reduced inventory costs and streamlined workflows (automated inventory tracking, order picking routing, etc.).

Sales & Purchase Order Management

For a facilitated order creation, approval and tracking. 

Workforce Management

For simplified workforce scheduling and reporting. 

For Service Operations Management

Service Planning & Resource Management

To meet the customer demand, maximize resource utilization and improve service execution.

Project Management

To accurately plan project budget, time and human resources, monitor project health and manage change requests.

Time & Expense Management

To simplify time and expense tracking and streamline approvals for timesheets and expense claims. 

Service Document Management

For a quick document search and facilitated document creation. 

We also ensure smooth integration of operations management software with other business-critical software:

Timeframes for Our E-Learning Software Development Services

Edvenswa suggests taking into consideration the following cost factors when planning operations management software implementation:

Edvenswa's approach to managing costs:

1. Defining an optimal feature set based on your business needs – no unnecessary functionality to pay for.
2. Developing software iteratively to implement the most important operational functions first and enable faster payback from software implementation.
3. Using proven frameworks, platforms, and ready-made components where possible to streamline development and ensure reliable software quality.
4. Defining different feasible targets for availability and performance of the solution’s modules (depending on how business-critical the processes the module covers are).
Why Choose Us

Our Customers Can Rely on Our Experience in IT

Expertise in software consulting and development for companies in 30 industries, including manufacturing, retail & wholesale, professional services, and healthcare firms.

Skills in advanced techs:

15 years

In data science and prediction algorithms 

9 years

In big data

12 years

In BI and data visualization

9 years

In image analysis

11 years

In the Internet of Things (IoT) 

In-house project management office and a mature quality management system in place (confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate) to ensure the implementation of high-quality consulting projects on time and within budget.

Guaranteed security of the customers’ data we access proved by the ISO 27001 certificate.

Quick project start (1-2 weeks).

Partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle.

Our excellence in business process improvement is proven by our inclusion in the top 10% service providers by Aciety.

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