Benefit from our expertise to unleash the full potential of .NET, enabling you to develop robust and scalable applications that drive business growth and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Software We Develop with .NET

Diverse types of software
  • Web apps
  • IoT apps.
  • Cloud applications
  • SaaS/XaaS.
  • Cross-platform apps on Xamarin.
  • Desktop apps.
  • Databases.
  • APIs.
  • Embedded systems.
Of various complexity
  • Large and complex applications that require 50+ FTE teams.
  • Business-critical solutions with strict requirements for performance and availability.
  • Highly secure systems.
  • Applications with multiple integrations.
  • Data-intensive applications.
  • MVPs.
  • Libraries.
For all groups of end users
  • Commercial software products.
  • B2B software.
  • B2E software.
  • B2C software.
  • Custom enterprise platforms and apps for internal use.
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Solving IT challenges in every industry, every day.

Custom .NET Development Services

Business analysis and .NET project planning

Equipped with hands-on knowledge of 31 industries, our business analysts handle needs assessment and high-level scope definition of your .NET project, while dedicated PMs from our Project Management Office outline project requirements, tech stack, schedule, and more in the detailed project documentation.

UX/UI design

The neat UI mockups you approve before the development launch result from our UX research, in-depth story mapping, and usability testing of wireframes and prototypes. Our UX/UI design experts put users top of mind to deliver vivid, intuitive interfaces that ensure high adoption of your .NET software. 

.NET software development

Apart from providing .NET Core, ADO.NET, and ASP.NET development services, ScienceSoft’s engineers leverage Universal Windows Platform, Windows Presentation Foundation, Xamarin, and a wide range of other tools. We guarantee fast and on-time project delivery by establishing Agile & Lean processes and monitoring performance with KPIs (Cycle Time, Lead Time, Deployment frequency, Stakeholder Satisfaction, etc.)

.NET application integration

Our integration architects and developers can establish secure, reliable and fast connections between your .NET applications and other internal/external software solutions. We can build custom integration points (including using Azure and AWS integration services) or use ready-to-use ESBs/iPaaS of different providers (Talend, Boomi, MuleSoft, Informatica).

NET application migration to the cloud

ScienceSoft’s cloud consultants, .NET developers and DevOps engineers can help you create a pragmatic cloud adoption strategy and execute fast, smooth, and reliable migrations of .NET applications to the cloud without unplanned disruptions and with maximum value to your business. We are cloud-agnostic and will find the best suitable option for you out of the main clouds: AWS, Azure, GCP, Rackspace, DigitalOcean.

.NET application modernization

ScienceSoft’s .NET experts help businesses professionally revive legacy applications that are up to 20+ years old (!). We thoroughly investigate your legacy application code and infrastructure, restore documentation and describe and implement improvements that can help increase the value of your old apps. These improvements can include updating application architecture and tech stack, optimizing performance and availability, enhancing security, enabling web and mobile access, improving look and feel, enabling CI/CD and DevOps, optimizing operations costs, and more. 

Go for High-Quality and Fast .NET Development

Outsource ASP.NET development to Edvenswa’s professionals to receive: 

  • Nimble business analysis for precise needs match.
  • Intuitive UX & trendy UI for high user engagement.
  • Skilled offshore ASP.NET development.
  • Scrum proficiency.
  • Mature project management for .NET project success.
  • Seamless integration to streamline workflows.
  • 24/7 support and .NET app updates every 2-6 weeks.

How We Ensure Code Quality

Coding best practices
  • Adherence to .NET coding guidelines.

  • Adherence to data security practices (ISO 27001).

  • Descriptive names for all variables and in-code comments.

  • Code documentation.

  • Code split into short and focused units.

  • Use of version control tools. Ensured code portability. 

Unit testing
  • Unit tests are created as part of a functional requirements specification.
  • Tests verify code behavior in response to the input of standard, boundary, and incorrect values.
  • Tests are rerun after each significant code change to guarantee proper performance. 
Code review practices
  • Ad hoc review.
  • Peer review.
  • Code walkthrough.
  • Code inspection.
Code quality metrics
  • Maintainability Index (MI).
  • Cyclomatic Complexity (CC).
  • Depth of Inheritance.
  • Class Coupling. 

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