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Revamp IT Solutions for Insurance Services

Since 16, Edvenswa designs and builds top-flight insurance solutions that help digitally transform complex insurance workflows and create new business models.

Edvenswa delivers robust insurance software that automates processes like underwriting, claim management, and policy administration and introduces seamless digital experiences for insurers’ customers, employees, and external partners.

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Consulting On Insurance Software Implementation

We design the optimal functionality, architecture, and tech stack for your solution and advise on security and compliance. You also get a detailed project roadmap for risk-free implementation.

End-to-end Insurance Software Development

We cover all aspects of solution development, from design to integration and QA. You benefit from prompt software implementation and ongoing support. Also, we can conduct user training in a convenient format.

Insurance Software Modernization

We upgrade your existing solution and power it with advanced techs. You get modern software promptly and cost-effectively. Also, you benefit from a shorter learning curve for your teams.

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What Makes Edvenswa a Reliable Partner

16 years in custom insurance software development.

Proficiency in building solutions with complex business logic that seamlessly automate even the most complicated, highly specific insurance workflows.

Hands-on experience in creating software with cloud-forward architecture that provides smooth integration with all required data sources and scalability to support business growth.

Since 2007 in web and since 2010 – in mobile development to deliver insurance apps that provide excellent UX and UI, vast self-service capabilities, and unique customer intelligence.

In-house compliance experts with 5–20 years of experience to guarantee insurance software compliance with the required legal standards.

Since 2007 in cybersecurity to ensure world-class protection of insurance software.

Whom We Serve

Insurance Carriers

Managing General Agents (MGA)


Insurtech Startups

Insurance Software Product Companies

Enterprises Involved in Liability Insurance Activities

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Software to Support Your Ambitious Insurance Initiatives

By Insurance Type

Various types of insurance differ in the potential volume of workflow automation and pose specific requirements for third-party integrations. To maximize payback from going digital, you need a solution that fully meets your unique service scope. 

We deliver tailored software for the following insurance types:
By Insurance Model

Design your insurance products to meet the rapid pace of cross-industry digital transformation. Those who will be among the first to innovate should expect to win a larger share of younger, tech-savvy audience and see the amazing revenue increase.

We create digital solutions to support the innovative insurance models, including:
Why Choose Us

Software that Can Transform All Insurance Processes

Whether you need software to digitalize one specific insurance operation or a multi-functional solution to drive value across the entire insurance ecosystem, we’ve got you covered. The examples of insurance software we create include:

Underwriting Software

Software that enables automated insurance application processing, risk assessment, and premium calculation. It can provide optimal, analytics-driven insurance pricing.

Value: Up to 40% decrease in underwriting costs, 10–15% increase in revenue due to optimized insurance pricing, and decision-making in minutes rather than days. 

Policy Administration Software

Software that automates the entire policy lifecycle, from issuance to termination. It provides rule-based recordkeeping and centralized storage of all policy-related data.

Value: 95% faster policy issuing, updating, and renewal, 40%+ increase in the productivity of the insurance teams, up to 60% reduction in policy administration costs. t

Billing Software

Software that offers automated calculation of personalized premiums and customer invoicing. It supports e-signing of invoices and enables real-time processing of multi-currency payments.

Value: Up to 80% decrease in billing-related costs, 2–3x faster billing process.

Claim Management Software

Software that automates claim management processes end-to-end, from claim data intake to claim settlement and reporting. It enables AI-based claim validation, damage estimation, and fraud detection.

Value: ~30% decrease in claim processing costs, 80%+ faster claim cycle.

Agency Management Software

Software that enables analytics-based planning and real-time monitoring of agents’ activities. It keeps a full audit trail of agent-customer interactions, and provides comprehensive agency performance analytics.

Value: 100% visibility of agency-wide insurance operations, streamlined planning of agents’ workload. 

Insurance Portals

Software that introduces seamless digital experiences for insurers’ clients, employees, and suppliers. It automates tedious manual operations, provides secure access to the required data, and offers AI-powered user support.

Value: Improved operational efficiency for the insurance teams, up to 4x faster business processes, higher customer satisfaction.

Customer Facing Insurance Apps

Web and mobile apps that automate insurance application processing, premium payment, and policy issuance, enable prompt interaction and secure data sharing between the insurers and their clients.

Value: 89% increase in customer engagement and 81% improvement in retention rate, which results in higher revenue. 

Insurance Marketplaces

Digital platforms that facilitate service promotion for insurers and help customers find the optimal insurance offerings.

Value: An opportunity for the marketplace owner to achieve rapid and high ROI by launching and monetizing a popular insurance solution. 

Benefits You Get from Insurance Software Development with Edvenswa

Optimal Co-operation Model
Close & Transparent Collaboration
Prompt Development
Flexible Pricing Options
Guaranteed Compliance

With AML/KYC regulations, IFRS17, CCPA, CPRA, GLBA, SAMA (for the KSA), GDPR (for the EU), NYDFS (for New York), HIPAA (for health insurance), and more. 

Advanced Security

Achieved by designing secure architecture for the insurance solution, implementing multi-factor authentication, authorization controls for APIs, insurance data hashing, and more.