IT Services & Solutions for Manufacturing

Revamp Manufacturing IT Services

With experience in developing software for the manufacturing industry, Edvenswa offers robust solutions and related services to support and modernize your enterprise’s operations and ensure increased efficiency of operations and optimized business costs, all without IT budget overruns. 

IT solutions for manufacturing are designed to streamline the operations of a manufacturer from supply chain management to sales management, which allows improving the company’s productivity and reducing operational costs.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Edvenswa a Reliable Partner

16 years in IT for manufacturing.

Partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, ServiceNow, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce.

30+ business analysts and consultants.

15+ UX and UI designers.

550+ developers, more than 50% of them are Seniors.

3,300+ successful projects, including projects on diverse enterprise-level solutions, such as ERP, CRM, SCM, etc.

Mature quality management, backed by ISO 9001.

Robust security management, supported by ISO 27001.

What we Do

IT Solutions for Manufacturing to Optimize Your Operations

High-Level Management & Business Operations
Production Process & Asset Management
Vendor Management
Customer Management

Strengths of Edvenswa's Offering for Manufacturing Companies

Full Cycle Services

We offer comprehensive services from consulting to evolution and support of your solution.

Estimation Accuracy

Due to ample industry experience of our project managers, we can accurately estimate project costs and delivery time.

Quality First Approach

We adhere to our established quality management practices to deliver services of consistently high and predictable quality and minimize project risks.

Focus On Security

We rely on comprehensive security policies and processes, advanced cybersecurity techs, and our skilled professionals to guarantee safety of our customers’ data.

Cost Efficiency

We use proven open-source components like frameworks and libraries and public APIs to reduce implementation costs and increase ROI of your solution. 

Minimized Development Risks

We adhere to the iterative development model that allows seeing first results early and get next versions of a solution delivered every 2-4 weeks. 

Choose Your Service Option

Digital Strategy Consulting
Solution Consulting, Implementation & Support
IT Outsourcing

Reinforce Your Business Operations with IT Solutions

By leveraging IT at your manufacturing company, you can achieve a number of gains, including:


Time to market for new products 


Sales due to marketing and sales automation


Revenue due to new digital sales channels


Employee productivity


Business productivity


IT operating costs