Fleet Management Software Development

Upgrade Your Fleet Management Process

Fleet management software provides visibility into vehicles’ location, condition, and fuel consumption and gives insights into drivers’ behavior.

In fleet management since 2012, Edvenswa delivers dedicated applications to optimize vehicle maintenance, reduce operational costs, and improve driver safety. 

Challenges Fleet Management Software by Edvenswa Solves

For Fleet Owners

Edvenswa’s custom fleet management solutions will ensure: 

For Fleet Management Service Providers

Benefits you get with your own fleet management product:

Fleet Management Solutions We Deliver

We pack your fleet management application with a range of functional modules combined according to your needs, including:

Fleet Maintenance
Fleet Tracking
Dispatch Management
Accident Detection & Claim Management
Route Optimization & Geofencing
Budgeting & Expense Management
Policies & Compliance Monitoring

Choose Your Service Option

Fleet management application

For you to build a robust and scalable fleet management application, we: 

End-to-end fleet management application development

For you to get an application ready to bring ROI right away, we unfold the development process: 

Fleet management solution evolution

We audit the application you currently use, design and implement new functional modules so that you get an opportunity to generate new value with legacy software. 

Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Developing Your Fleet Management System

Deciding to hold off the development of your fleet management application, you miss the benefits promised by custom fleet management software, namely:


Reduction in fuel expenses and operational costs


Lower risk of accidents


Higher driver retention rate 


Higher customer satisfaction rate 


Increase in revenue