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Revamp E-commerce Management

At its core, digital commerce is selling and buying goods and services online. The market is highly competitive, and businesses need to strive for more and more excellence to stay resilient, even though consumer demand for online shopping is remarkably strong now. Edvenswa brings in technology expertise and a problem-oriented approach to drive positive and tangible changes across your business resulting in cost savings and revenue growth. 

Every day, we unpack and communicate a transformative value IT brings to business. Our result-oriented approach is recognized worldwide.

Located in the US

International presence in Europe

20 years

In ecommerce services

750+ talents

Across diverse IT domains

Benefits of Building IT Solutions for Transportation and Logistics with Edvenswa

Ecommerce Development

Obtain a clean-coded and high-performing ecommerce solution. 

Ecommerce Consulting

Secure the best ROI for implemented technology solutions.

UI & UX Web Design

Communicate your brand’s unique personality through website design.

What we Do

Digital Marketing Automation

We help to implement proper marketing automation tools and organize effectively omnichannel customer communication:

Email marketing.

Social Media Marketing.

Content Marketing.

SEO Marketing.

Landing Page Design.

Benefits of Building IT Solutions for Transportation and Logistics with Edvenswa

Food & Beverage

Food Delivery

Apparel & Footwear

Beauty & Personal Care

Furniture & Household Goods

Auto-parts & Accessories


Healthcare & Medicine

Starting in Ecommerce? Grab Our Knowledge for a Happy Launch

How to Start a Successful Online Business

Business & tech tips for a successful online launch: business models, competitive advantages and expected investment into starting an ecommerce business.

How to Sell Grocery Online

Guidelines on how to find a place in the online grocery market: viable business models, specifics of technology implementations, an ecosystem example, competitive advantages, and investment

How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform

Functional portfolio of ecommerce platforms and top 10 shortlisted by Edvenswa.