End-to-End Digital Transformation Services

From Strategy To Action

Digital transformation is the process of planning and executing an individual business strategy for digital adoption. Medium and large enterprises partner with Edvenswa to find improvement opportunities in their business processes and launch digital transformation. 

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Customer Experience Transformation

We create customer experience programs focused on digital engagement and multitouch customer journeys. It allows our clients to stand out in the market competition and stay strong in crisis times thanks to the established digital presence. 

Elements of digital transformation:
Customer Service Transformation

We help businesses create fast, helpful and proactive digital customer service. This way, it becomes a building block of lasting customer loyalty.

Elements of digital transformation:
Supply Chain Transformation

By redesigning supply chains, we help make them faster and more flexible and take associated risks under control. Positive changes are possible throughout supply chain management.

Elements of digital transformation:
Corporate Finance Transformation

We help companies digitalize up to 90% of corporate finance-related tasks and, thus, drive significant time and cost savings and improvements in financial data accuracy.

Elements of digital transformation:
Workforce Transformation

We provide digital tools to arm your employees with new abilities and enable more effective ways of working.

Elements of digital transformation:
Manufacturing Transformation

We bring to life the Industry 4.0 concept to increase manufacturing productivity and quality. We can fully plan and supervise your transition to a smart factory.

Elements of digital transformation:
Healthcare Transformation

We help healthcare institutions open up new ways to deliver health care remotely, especially valuable in times of social distancing and for patients in distant or rural areas. Also, we apply techs to improve the quality of patient examination, supervision and treatment.

Elements of digital transformation:
Financial Service Transformation

We help banking, payment, lending, and investment companies achieve digital agility in a rapidly evolving BFSI sector with the help of custom process automation solutions and advanced technologies.

Elements of digital transformation:
How WE Do

How We Unfold Digital Transformation

1. In-depth Investigation of the Current Business State

At this step, we:

  • Get an overall business picture: size, geographical presence, major processes, business model(s), product/service lines, supply chains, finance.
  • Find out business goals and a planned roadmap for further company development. As the vision of different stakeholders may differ, we consolidate the opinions and ultimately advise on how the strategy may be tuned in view of digital transformation.
  • Define business areas subject to transformation and study them thoroughly using business process assessment, interviews, problems/goals decomposition, value stream mapping.

Identify areas of waste:

  • Time and energy waste for manual, repetitive, excessive activities.
  • Defects in end products or processes and costs associated with their correction.
  • Irrational use of assets or space.
  • Miscommunication, poorly coordinated activities between employees.
  • Wasted data. 
2. Digital Transformation Strategy

At this step, we:

  • Set up long-term digital transformation goals.
  • Prioritize goals based on the expected impact and urgency.
  • Plan a sequence of manageable initiatives taken to achieve the goals.
  • Appraise each initiative in terms of cost, time, and manpower requirements. 
3. Digital Transformation Strategy

We help with:

  • IT infrastructure transformation to reduce costs and enable technology-driven innovation.
  • Implementation of new software aimed to bring the required improvements to business processes.
  • Transformation of existing software solutions to align them with the current business needs, make more maintainable and user-friendly.
  • Integration of business systems internally and with third-party apps and services.
  • Setup of data analytics of the required complexity, from descriptive data analysis to data science.
  • Digital testing tailored specifically to digital transformation projects and covering end-to-end functional, integration, performance, security, usability, and data migration testing. 
4. Risk Mitigation

Throughout the entire digital transformation, we control the risks of:

  • Operational complexity to prevent user-unfriendliness in apps or overcomplicated processes hard to adopt.
  • Unresponsiveness or lagging performance of business apps caused by improper architecture.
  • Vulnerabilities in a cybersecurity system.
  • Data leakage or data confidentiality breaches.
  • Non-compliance of digital solutions with sectoral regulations.
  • Cost and time overruns.
5. Program & Project Management

We concert all the activities planned for digital transformation and help:

  • Coordinate multiple autonomous teams.
  • Manage the costs and achieve maximum business value for the given budget.
  • Establish the practice of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).
  • Manage delivery deadlines and mitigate possible delays.
  • Report on the digital transformation progress.
  • Tune the digital transformation strategy amid the implementation in case of altering circumstances.

Digital Transformation Technologies We Use to Ensure Business Value

Edge Computing & Low Latency Network
Cloud Computing
Robotic Process Automation
Machine & Deep Learning
Natural Language Processing
Image Analysis
Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
Internet of Things
Digital twins
Augmented & Virtual Reality

How Edvenswa Will Create Your Digital Transformation Profit

Digital transformations are vast in scale and cost. So, before rushing into this experience, you need to understand if the investment will pay off. Below, we describe the most common opportunities created by digital adoption, but surely you will have even more benefits arising from your individual digital transformation strategy.