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about myBenefits.AI
  • myBenefits is the first affordable healthcare fintech platform focused on the agent market.
  • The company has 2,500 employees across all locations.

The Challenge

  • Developing a fintech platform focused on the agent market, catering to the unique requirements of healthcare financing.
  • Creating seamless integration between different platforms for a unified user experience.
  • Implementing Treat Now Pay Later feature, enabling patients and providers to benefit equally from pre-approved loans.


What did
Edvenswa do

  • Developed three different platforms: myPlan, myOffice, and myBenefits, tailored to the specific needs of myBenefits.
  • Implemented new features to enhance the user experience and functionality of the platforms.
  • Integrated systems and APIs to facilitate seamless data exchange and communication between platforms.
  • Created a robust backend infrastructure using Node.js and MongoDB for efficient data management and scalability.
  • Utilized AWS services for reliable hosting, data storage, and deployment.


The Results

The technology that we use to support MyBenefits.AI

Ionic framework

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