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At Edvenswa, we recognize that trusted consultancies, individual consultants, and marketing agencies may require software development services for their clients, even if it’s not their primary focus. We are here to support you by taking on this task, delivering customized software solutions that cater to their industry-specific needs and business requirements.

For sales agents, we offer the opportunity to collaborate and explore new avenues in IT consulting and custom software development. Simply provide us with relevant leads, and we will reward your efforts through our Referral Program.

Join the Edvenswa Affiliate Program for IT consulting and software development services and reap the benefits of bringing us valuable leads. We are eager to expand our business network and take on new challenges in IT consulting and software development.

Cooperation Procedure

To ensure the utmost confidentiality of your sensitive data, we prioritize signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Additionally, we establish an Agent Agreement that governs our collaboration within the Referral Program, including the commissions you receive as a mediator.

By introducing us to your clients seeking IT services such as IT consulting, software design, and custom application development, you can save valuable time and effort. We take over communication with your clients and offer tailored solutions to meet their needs, compensating your efforts with a percentage of the contract based on our Referral Program terms.

While your participation in the software project itself is not obligatory, you have the option to join as a consultant, if desired. We value long-term partnerships and can provide comprehensive software development and IT consulting support to your new customers. We respect your reputation and ensure that our services will be delivered to end-users within the agreed timeframe and budget. Moreover, we are prepared to equip you with marketing materials, including co-branded materials highlighting the benefits of our joint offering for your customers.

Having established trusted partnerships with agents in various industries such as healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, and telecom in the US and Europe, we have forged mutually beneficial long-term business relationships. At Edvenswa, we firmly believe that collaborating with partners is an effective approach to reach customers, exceed their expectations, and earn their trust. For any inquiries or to arrange a complimentary consultation with our representative, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How we do

Solutions We Can Create for Your Customers

Data Analytics

Cleansing and integrating data, providing analysis and visualization to get valuable business insights.


Helping companies enhance customer management, win new clients and improve productivity.


Seizing the potential of Magento to ensure efficient inventory management, analytics and reporting, cross-business order management, account, purchase and payment history review and more.


Helping companies build efficient e-cooperation with their customers and partners.

Mobile Apps

Developing native and cross-platform apps for customers and employees in healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing and professional services and more at employee, department and company level.


Using the potential of SharePoint and Office 365 to improve corporate communication and project management and optimize workflows with easy-to-go collaboration tools.

Document Management

Enabling secure document sharing, automated document processing, classification and indexing, intelligent search and data discovery.

Internet of Things

Assisting organizations across multiple industries to advance with smart connected products, smart maintenance, industrial IoT, smart logistics and transportation, smart city and more. We’ve worked out our approach to IoT architecture to ensure business-boosting performance of the IoT solutions we deliver.

Information Security

Offering SIEM, identity and access management and penetration testing services (Edvenswa is an IBM Security Gold Business Partner).

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