Enterprise Asset Management Consulting Services

Enterprise asset management (EAM) consulting serves to digitalize asset management for maximized ROA. In software development since 2007, Edvenswa designs, develops, implements, and supports EAM solutions for tech-driven asset planning and optimization. 

Go-to Functionality Modules and Integrations for EAM Solutions

Asset Tracking & Monitoring

Due to optimized asset usage, minimized asset loss and rationalized asset expenditure. 

Asset Maintenance Management

Due to optimized asset maintenance and real-time monitoring of asset operation. 

Asset Planning & Optimization

Due to optimized asset utilization scenarios and asset investment planning.

Key Integrations for EAM Software

Why Choose Us

Enterprise Asset Management Investments

The cost and duration of the EAM solutions Edvenswa implements and supports depends on multiple factors, including:

Types of assets, their number and growth rate.

The number and diversity of the functional modules of EAM software. If case-specific functionality is required (e.g., asset condition monitoring, ML-based asset maintenance cost forecasting, real-time object recognition).

Number and complexity of systems to integrate with (custom and off-the-shelf software, hardware (barcodes, tags, chips, etc.).

Complexity of the required asset analytics reports and dashboards.

Solution availability, performance, security, latent capacity and scalability requirements.

Number of platforms supported (web, mobile, desktop).

Why Consider Edvenswa as Your EAM Consultant

Solid Experience in Advanced Technologies
Strong Team of Consultants
Proven Tech Capabilities

EAM Services We Offer

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

  • Analysis of EAM and implementation drivers.
  • Assessment of the current EAM processes supported by technology (the automation level of the asset-related processes, features in and out of use, integrations, etc.).
  • EAM solution conceptualization and design.
  • Selection of a suitable EAM platform, optimal plan/edition selection with the list of needed modules and features, customization and integrations specification (if required).
  • Custom EAM solution architecture and infrastructure design, tech stack selection, UX and UI design.
  • EAM solution implementation planning, including cost and time budget estimation, etc.


Technical documentation:

  • Asset management solution architecture (for custom solutions).
  • Off-the-shelf software comparison (if required).
  • Software & hardware requirements specification (for custom solutions).
  • Configuration guides (for off-the-shelf software).
  • Infrastructure design.
  • UX and UI (re)design (for custom software).

Project documentation:

  • Feasibility study report and business case (asset management solution cost, outcomes, ROI, etc.).
  • Project plan with budget estimations and technical limitations.
  • Cost optimization plan.
  • Risk management plan.
  • Asset management KPI system to measure asset management software quality and business value. 

Timeline: ~2-10 months

  • EAM needs analysis and solution conceptualization.
  • EAM software architecture design (for custom solutions).
  • PoC implementation (optional).
  • EAM software development/customization.
  • Integration of the EAM solution/solution components into the existing IT ecosystem.
  • Hardware installation and integration (if applicable).
  • EAM quality assurance (functional, UI, API testing, etc.).
  • Data migration.
  • Deployment to production and user training.
  • After-launch support and evolution.
  • SLA-based EAM solution administration, monitoring and maintenance.


  • Infrastructure configurations.
  • Documented code with unit tests.
  • API descriptions.
  • Test documentation.
  • Automated tests (API and UI tests).
  • User documentation.
  • Regular status reports.
  • Asset management KPI reports with recommendations for their improvement.
  • Asset management system maintenance reports.